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Another COVID-19 Economic Impact…An RV Storage Boom?

When the first shutdowns of 2020 took place, we all became intimately acquainted with every corner of our homes. They have never felt smaller or larger, depending on your perspective. After months and months of time at home, Americans were desperate to explore but cautious about how to do it. Enter the RV.

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Storage’s Shining Moment

The pandemic created many winners and losers in the ebbing economic tide, but one key winner that has remained consistent is warehouse storage. The reason behind its growth is fairly obvious, particularly in the cold storage set. The pandemic brought a dramatic surge of online grocery shopping, thereby necessitating the need for more literal space.

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The Master Planner

We’ve designed a wide array of buildings, from disaster preparedness training centers to shopping centers. However, it is a lesser known fact that principal and founder Brian Doiron has a penchant for master planning. He has a passion for designing much more than buildings–designing true communities. Brian has a knack and love for the complex details of land use, long term planning for housing, transportation, civic engagement, and amenities. “Putting it all together is like a beautiful, complex puzzle,” Brian says. “The flow…the aesthetics…blending with the necessary practicality…it’s all a joy for me.”

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What do the latest heat waves have to do with modern architecture?

Thankfully, the latest heat wave that has taken the globe by force seems to be cooling down. For weeks, we were regularly seeing temperatures above 90 degrees in the Upstate of South Carolina, but we are fairly used to that kind of weather in the heat of the summer. It was the temperatures observed in Europe and the Pacific Northwest/New England that caught our attention. The mid-July European heat wave sparked wildfires and even caused tracks in the train-dominant transportation zone to expand, bend, and break–leading to the icing down of tracks in some locations to prevent further damage. Plane runways were even being watered after heat lifted a section of runway in London’s Gatwick airport. 

For years, scientists have warned of the possible impact of rising temperatures resulting from climate change, but what does that have to do with architecture? 

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