Another COVID-19 Economic Impact…An RV Storage Boom?


When the first shutdowns of 2020 took place, we all became intimately acquainted with every corner of our homes. They have never felt smaller or larger, depending on your perspective. After months and months of time at home, Americans were desperate to explore but cautious about how to do it. Enter the RV.

2021 was the biggest year of sales for recreational vehicles since 1983. Traditional travel was out and the RV offered your own, safe social distancing vehicle that still opened up a (drivable) world of experiences. 

In 2022, sales continued their upward trajectory and owners have now faced an interesting predicament–where do they store their giant vacation home on wheels? 

As a result, the self-storage industry has seen a massive uptick. The growth in this segment actually led to the development of a new category for commercial real estate listings for boat/RV specific storage facilities. 

As close watchers of burgeoning industries, we are keeping an eye on this trend for storage facilities and of course ready to partner with any developers looking to cash in on the boom. 

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