Are you as secure as you think? Cybersecurity has never been more important.


At COR3, we take our digital security extremely seriously. We have always been passionate (almost overly zealous) about cybersecurity and tend to keep a backup for the backup for backup. We, and our clients, can rest easy knowing we have taken every precaution possible to protect data from nefarious wannabe criminals. 

However, we want to make sure we are evangelists to our colleagues and clients to make sure you are doing everything you can do to protect your organizations. New vulnerabilities emerge every day as malicious actors find fresh ways to attack or infiltrate organizations. As much as you have technology in place to protect you, it is important to also establish a culture where your employees absorb the values of a cybersafe organization. 

Here are some quick things you can do to ensure cybersecurity stays on the forefront of your team’s minds:

  1. Highlight cybersecurity frequently in team meetings and share knowledge teaching new ways to protect themselves and their assets.
  2. Consider using the terminology of “data protection” instead of the vague association with “cybersecurity.”
  3. Make it super easy to establish cybersafe protocols. Multi-factor authentication is as simple as having your cell phone/tablet with you when you need to log in, for example.
  4. If you invest in something like password managers for the office, consider offering a second copy for employees to use for their personal credentials. This instills a security perspective at home and bolsters the importance all around.
  5. Reward employees who are taking it seriously and following protocols well. Celebrating the good behavior of others always has an impact!

We hope you are taking every opportunity to bolster your cybersecurity–it’s one the most important things you should be doing to keep your business safe and your future bright. 

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