The Drys and Lows of Building Waterparks

Waterpark Design is as Complicated as it Might Seem

Summer is here and everyone is looking for ways to beat the heat and have a cool, fun, and relaxing season. At COR3, one of our favorite summer activities is heading to a waterpark. 

Did you know waterparks have been around since the 1940s? It wasn’t until the 80s, however, that these water-based theme parks as we know them today came into being. 

Since then, waterparks have become a staple offering for amusement parks all over the world, and as with any related design, waterparks have their array of hoops to jump (or swim) through (SOURCE). 

While we have yet to design a waterpark at COR3, we have done our fair share of unique projects (like the Guardian Centers in Georgia). So, we have a few inklings on what we would do when tasked with a waterpark project.

Designing a waterpark can be daunting. The best place to start is by researching the demographic you hope to attract. Are you creating a waterpark for young families with little kids, teenagers, and young adults, or all of the above? Making sure you know your demographic and the feasibility of your park is paramount to your success. It doesn’t matter how perfect your design is if no one comes to make a splash.

Once you’ve done your initial research, you can start moving forward with zoning, planning, and licensing. Safety is critical, but so is the cleanliness, accessibility, and sustainability of your project. Passing legal requirements is paramount for a facility that presents unique risks. 

Waterpark designs are becoming more and more creative and ambitious. Many incorporate a theme or storyline that unites all of the attractions with a common thread. These throughlines build connections with customers and can help market the facility. 

Of course, just as we have learned with our work on car washes, water reclamation and recycling are likely imperative for waterparks to hold a place in a conservation-focused society.  

If you’re planning a waterpark trip this summer, here’s a short list of COR3-approved parks all across the United States:

  • Dollywood’s Splash Country, Tennessee – Dollywood is an excellent family destination
  • Schlitterbahn Waterpark & Resort, Texas – Schlitterbahn has more water rides than any park in the world
  • Soaky Mountain Waterpark, Tennessee – Consider pairing up with your trip to Dollywood and the Smoky Mountains
  • Water World, Colorado – At roughly 70 acres, Water World is one of the biggest water parks in the country
  • Splashin’ Safari, Indiana – Check out the seven-story slide “Mammoth” while you’re there

Here’s to staying cool, safe, and fun this summer!

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