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The Future of Construction is Female.

At COR3 Design, we pride ourselves on our unusually high number of female architects and architectural designers. For a field that is typically dominated by men, we are a sort of statistical anomaly. We have an unwavering commitment to building a diverse team through a collaborative and inclusive culture.

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How Thermal Modification Can Make Wood in Architecture Last a Lifetime

For more than 10,000 years (or, since the Stone Age), wood has been an integral part of construction around the world. It is valued for its versatility, with external and internal uses as infinite as the mind can imagine. 

Of course, wood is a natural form so it is subject to degradation and impact from the elements, which can result in rotting, cracking, erosion and the loss of physical properties. For years, scientists have explored ways to make it more durable and therefore sustainable to lengthen its lifespan as a construction material.

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