The Future of Construction is Female.

Female Architects and Designers at COR3 Design

At COR3 Design, we pride ourselves on our unusually high number of female architects and architectural designers. For a field that is typically dominated by men, we are a sort of statistical anomaly. We have an unwavering commitment to building a diverse team through a collaborative and inclusive culture.

So, when we read recent news stories talking about a summer camp for middle schoolers based on bolstering the growth of women in construction, we were intrigued. Our Office Manager, Terri Doiron, was raised on the job site with a father deeply in construction, and recognized the value of an experience like this. “I had this experience because of my dad where I had great comfort and familiarity with the field–that is super unique and gave me an edge when I ended up going into the architectural space,” she said.

At this “Construction Camp,” middle school girls gain exposure to masonry, electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, and the use of heavy machinery. They gain confidence and comfort around power tools–building empowerment they can apply to whatever field they enter into after completing their education.

With the entire construction industry continuing to face a shortage of workers, this kind of early introduction to a field that has been so sparsely populated by women could open up a new world. It all starts with helping young students recognize they could do jobs and careers that might not currently include people who look like them.

The girls who participated in this camp were forever changed–new pathways were formed for their careers, confidence was gained, and biases were shattered. They were thrilled with their new skills and capabilities–and envisioning themselves in a whole new world.

When we look at our women-dominated team of designers and architects at COR3, we are so proud they saw themselves in a field that looked less open to them. We are so proud of how they are paving the way for future generations of women like them, and thankful they took the risk to try something a little different.

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