Our Core Values

After celebrating our eleventh anniversary this month and launching a new website, we thought it was a fitting time to also reflect on our core values and how they affect the work we do each day. 

COR3 Design was founded in 2011 by Brian Doiron with the intention of providing a tailored experience for our clients–with a hyper focused attention on service to our clients and community. Since then, the business has grown to include 27 states and 5 million square feet of completed spaces, all thanks to our diverse and talented team. 

The company is driven by our core values of Integrity, Commitment, Flexibility, Quality, Affordability, and Community Outreach. These six core values steer our leadership team’s daily operations and play an integral part of the culture at COR3. Our mission to bring confidence and security through unmatched service, innovative designs, and efficient schedules & budgets remains crucial to our success across the country. 

Building a strong work culture doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something that evolves and changes with every interaction. The pandemic’s impact became an impetus for us to diversify and expand to more kinds of industries. Currently, we focus on the following sector areas nationwide: Commercial & Industrial, Retail, Hospitality & Restaurants, Senior Living & MultiFamily, Tenant Upfit & Renovation, and Niche Developments. You can check out all of our sector areas and portfolio examples on our newly launched website. 

Commercial & Industrial 

From massive warehouses to trucking depots, our work in the Commercial and Industrial fields emphasizes the importance of designing structures built for logistical expertise to flourish. 


The Retail industry has taken us all over the country, to 27 states and counting. Our expertise ranges from strip malls to big box stores and everything in between. 

Hospitality & Restaurants

Our experience in the restaurant industry was an easy extension of our early work as a firm. We specialize in yielding consistency in chain operations.

Senior Living & MultiFamily

We serve the residential sector through our architecture and design for Senior Living and Multi-Family developments. 

Tenant Upfit & Renovation

Some of our favorite projects involve a Tenant Upfit or Renovation because of the creativity the project always demands. For example, we transformed an abandoned restaurant into a modern Starbucks location in the heart of bustling Woodruff Road in Greenville, South Carolina.

Niche Developments

From a series of car washes to trampoline parks, we specialize in designing for Niche Development. We approach each concept with curiosity and intentionality, addressing the unique needs for each with our expertise.

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