Celebrating 11 Years at COR3 Design

COR3 Team

For 11 years, COR3 Design has set the standard for quality architectural design based on client-centric practices and service. Our early roots began in retail, focusing on national brands across the country.  Since then, we have expanded our focus areas to include the following sectors: Commercial and Industrial, Retail, Hospitality and Restaurants, Senior Living and Multi-Family, Tenant Upfit and Renovation, and Niche Developments.

Brian Doiron, Managing Partner of COR3, explains: “It is very humbling to see the continued growth and development of COR3 as we reflect back on our eleven years of operation. We have forged valuable partnerships across the country and our ability to expand into new sectors is a testament to what we have built thanks to our incredible team and culture.” 

COR3 Design’s primary mission is to bring confidence and satisfaction to our clients through unmatched service, innovative designs, and efficient schedules and budgets. Our architects and project managers handle a wide range of projects from schematic phase to project closeout, while simultaneously providing imaginative solutions. 

“With COVID canceling so much over the past couple of years, we were unable to officially mark ten years last year. So, in honor of eleven exceptional years in 2022, we are excited to launch a new website and to grow our reach into new industries. We send a big thank you to all our team members behind this effort, loyal partnerships, and committed clients,” said Micah Smith, Junior Partner and Project Manager.

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