Meet R. Micheal Coleman

In recognition of 11 years at COR3, we wanted to share 11 fun facts about our principals. 

Meet Mike Coleman, Principal Architect:  

  1. Mike graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Design. 
  2. With over 40 years of experience, Mike brings a passion for learning to COR3. 
  3. His skillset is far and wide ranging from conceptual design to project management. 
  4. His expertise also extends to code analysis and specification writing. 
  5. Keen to learn more, Mike has training in roofing and waterproofing specialties.
  6. He’s also a Certified Construction Specification writer and NCARB certified.
  7. Mike is well-connected in the community through his AIA and CSI memberships. 
  8. With a heart for service, he’s served the Greenville community for over 18 years.
  9. Some of that service included the Greenville County Construction Board of Appeals. 
  10. In addition, he’s also a 10-year member of CSI Greenville Board of Directors.
  11. Mike is currently licensed in 28 states.

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