Meet Micah Smith

In recognition of 11 years at COR3, we wanted to share 11 fun facts about our principals. 

Meet Micah Smith, Junior Partner and Project Manager:

  1. Micah has over 25 years of professional experience in commercial architecture.
  2. With a focus on retail and client relations, Micah leads the team with empathy. 
  3. Micah’s expertise includes commercial, residential, and religious architecture. 
  4. He also has extensive experience in CAD drafting and IT management. 
  5. Micah started working at COR3 in September 2011 as a Contract Project Manager.
  6. In April of 2012, he moved to a full time Project Manager position. 
  7. Micah oversees projects from conception to building completion.
  8. He ensures the team meets quality, schedule, contractual, and budget goals.
  9. His results-driven process and ever growing portfolio allow him to stand out. 
  10. Over the years, he’s made strong relations with clients, consultants, and contractors.
  11. In January of 2020, Micah became Jr. Partner at COR3.

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