Holiday Traditions and Serving our Community

Gathering for a Service Project at Meals on Wheels of Greenville

This year, the COR3 team has really deepened our focus on how we can better serve and connect with the community we call home in Greenville, South Carolina. In addition to sponsoring events that support local nonprofits and volunteering with physical opportunities to give back, we decided to start a new tradition this year on the day of our holiday party.

We partnered with Meals on Wheels, a local organization that provides meals for the homebound, to package 1,600 meals that would be delivered that week to our neighbors in need. Our team formed an assembly line, taking turns serving the menu items of the day into containers (salisbury steak, lemon pepper potatoes, squash, and peaches–yum!) and sealing them for delivery. 

We were honored to see Meals on Wheels even added our logo to the packaging as a thank you for our two hours spent in their kitchen. Our team found the experience to not only be rewarding, but educational as we learned about just how many people need these meals right around the corner. (We also were delighted to learn we packed more meals than most groups do in that time frame since we are certainly a little competitive). 

The team decided this is an annual tradition we hope to continue in future years–where we spend the morning giving back and the evening celebrating our holiday party together. 

Our Own Traditions 

Our diverse team brings a colorful background of traditions, celebrations, and meaning behind how they recognize the holiday season. We surveyed our team members to ask what they look forward to each year. 

Terri: For years, we volunteered backstage for the productions of the Nutcracker while our daughter danced from ages 6 – 17. This year, we attended the Boston Ballet together with her to continue the tradition while she is in school for dance at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. 

Brian: Making “Lazy Man’s Lobster” – aka where all the meat is picked off early in the day and warmed back up in butter just before dinner – Christmas Eve and a prime rib feast on Christmas day. 

Micah: Every year we take our boys to see Santa at the mall and have pictures taken. We then frame the new picture to display on our mantle with all the pictures from the previous years.

Amber: Making Christmas ornaments and gingerbread houses together on Christmas Eve.

Khris: I love the simple process of decorating for Christmas. All of the greenery, lights, and holiday decorations just make me really happy. 

Jessica: My family eats 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve to bring in the new year. 

Marie: In Egypt, my family celebrated New Year’s in a major way with a late night church service, seafood dinner, and fireworks. Now I enjoy holiday movie nights with my husband and boys. 

Trishna: I always love baking my favorite Cherry Cake and gift giving. 

Micheal: We enjoy finding our tree every year, eating foods we only cook once a year, and seeing the children of the family open their gifts. 

We hope that however you celebrate this season, it is memorable! 

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