Countdown to 2024

Counting Down to a New Year

As the countdown to the new year approaches, our COR3 team can’t help but ponder our goals for 2024. As expert planners who pride themselves on staying ahead of the game, why not speak into existence the ideal project for the coming year before the ball drops. We asked our team what would make for the perfect project if we could have our way from start to finish.

Here are some of our musts.

Starting from the ground up, we are dreaming of the ideal job site. Imagine a flat, already cleared plot of land that is ready for a little COR3 magic. The best part? No property line discrepancies or surprise underground pipelines. This job site has the best soil conditions and is ready for whatever our team dreams up for our client’s needs.

Next on our list is a big one. When working on projects throughout the year, sometimes “the unexpected” likes to throw wrenches into our plans. Although we are flexible and quick to adjust, we are asking for a project with no surprises. No unexpected twists and turns, just smooth sailing from start to finish. Now that we think about it, a project with no supply chain snags sounds pretty nice as well.

Another hot item on our list is a clean permitting process. For this project, inspectors are as cheerful as can be and municipal codes are as chill and breezy as the January air. Maybe the inspectors’ New Year’s resolutions are to be less grumpy!

Last but not least, in our dream project there are no tight deadlines. Don’t worry, we will still adhere to our timely to-dos, but it would make our year to have no last minute changes, no frantic all-nighters, or tight turnarounds. 

Although some might call it impossible, we think that the perfect project is definitely doable as we welcome the first projects of 2024. Whether it’s a pristine plot of land or a cheery inspector, our team is on the edge of our seats, anxiously awaiting the stroke of midnight to see what the new year has in store for us. 

Here’s to another year of promising opportunities and dream projects that exceed all expectations!

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