The Car Wash Design Experts: How a Simple Project Near Home Launched a Division

When COR3 Design created the first plans for a car wash development near its home office in Greenville, South Carolina, they had no idea it would become such a powerful niche. Since starting as an architectural firm 13 years ago, the firm specializes in designing multiple kinds of commercial spaces–focusing on large-scale retail initially before expanding to other commercial entities. They are currently licensed in 30 states with the ability to expand.

COR3 Design now has more than 100 car washes under their belt and more in the pipeline–thanks particularly to partnerships like that of Driven Brands. Driven Brands is an automotive service company that operates over 900 locations worldwide with over 200 locations in the U.S. 

The partnership is best described by Sumaia Alamoudi, Senior Director of Design & Project Management at Driven Brands: 

“Micah and his team have proven to be an integral partner on our ground-up and conversion developments nationwide for various brands, including Take 5. The COR3 team has helped us with architectural CDs, building permits, as-built surveys, and any items that have come up in our development program. His team is on our shortlist of preferred consultants that have always performed. We value their partnership.”

COR3 Design has built a reputation for creating car wash facilities that not only meet functional needs but also deliver exceptional customer experiences. Successful car washes are measured according to rubrics of efficiency, effectiveness, and cost. When that trifecta is maximized, the result is customer loyalty.  

Part of this efficiency effort includes the optimization of traffic flow and maximizing space utilization. It also means working tightly with clients to develop innovative solutions for uniquely “car wash” specific challenges. 

For example, most design elements include water efficiency design–featuring water reclamation systems that can recycle up to 85 percent of water used. 

Because COR3 has done so many of these projects, they are an ideal partner thanks to their experience, knowledge, and application of skills across multiple environments. They are the go-to experts in this niche market. 

Car wash operators seeking to elevate their customer experience and stay ahead of the competition can feel confident working with the team at COR3 Design.

Curious about our division? Check out our Car Services portfolio.

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