Taking the Outdoors Inside: A New Concept from Starwood Hotels

Photo Credit: Sean O’Neill from Skift

It has been three years since the COVID pandemic began and we are still seeing a lasting impact on the hotel industry. A recent trend has Starwood Hotels diving deeper into the love of the outdoors…with a new Field & Stream Lodge concept in the works (Source).

The idea behind the concept is to provide affordable lodgings around national parks, woods, ski mountains, lakes and desert lands across the United States. This new chain will target families and outdoor enthusiasts, offering interiors that reflect the properties’ outdoor settings with patterns and prints inspired by nature.

With 120 to 140 rooms, storage for recreational gear, and communal lounge spaces, the facilities will provide a more relaxed and nature-centered experience. The first property is expected to open in 2024, and discussions are already underway for 10 locations.

The concept is just one of many new hotel brands that are part of the budding trend of honoring the outdoors and environmentalism. Brands like Trailborn and Soul Community Planet Hotels are also targeting similar markets, with an emphasis on land conservation and preservation.

The pandemic led to a newfound appreciation for nature, with millions of people participating in outdoor recreation since March 2020. Field & Stream Lodge Co. is betting that this trend is here to stay, and that people will continue to seek out nature-oriented vacations.

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