Mall Operator Simon Opens New Brick and Mortar Frontier for Digital-First Brands

Post and Courier, Stephanie Mirah

Digital retail darlings like ThirdLove, Goodlife and True Classic Tees are taking the plunge into brick and mortar for the first time with Simon. These direct to consumer brands are working with Leap, a company that helps digital brands find their footing in physical stores. Leap and Simon recently formed a partnership to take it one step further to bring the brands into malls across America. 

“Leap’s platform enables brands to deploy stores that work in concert with e-commerce more rapidly and at significantly reduced cost and risk” (Source). The ultimate goal is to help these digital retailers build an omnichannel infrastructure quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. 

Simon operates or has an ownership interest in more than 250 premier retail destinations around the world. Leap supports omnichannel operations of 60 direct-to-consumer brands across nearly 100 stores.

In our own headquarters city of Greenville, SC, Simon operates Haywood Mall. We will be anxious to see if any of the new Leap partnerships kicking off in California and Florida make their way to sunny South Carolina!

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