A Rebrand for Bealls, Inc.

Source: Chain Store Age

For more than 100 years, Bealls, Inc. has served as one of the nation’s leading off-price retailers and recently announced the rebranding of two of its largest chains. As part of the Bealls announcement, the retailer is merging its Bealls Outlet and Burkes Outlet into one brand–bealls

The retail chain was originally founded in Bradenton, Florida and remains both privately held as well as being run and operated by members of the founding family. The store’s original mission back in 1913 was, “We outfit the family for less.” They have stayed true to that mission for more than ten decades. In 2020, Bealls, Inc. purchased the intellectual property associated with Stage Stores, which owns well-known brands like Goodys and Peebles. That purchase enabled them to make this next big move.

As part of the announcement, Bealls, Inc. will change the name of the original fleet of Florida stores to Bealls Florida to capitalize on its Live.Life.Local marketing campaign. The brand’s overall goal is to build brand awareness and connection as all stores unify under one identity.

COR3 has partnered with Bealls, Inc. for multiple projects across their footprint in the United States. We congratulate our partner on this exciting announcement and look forward to future ventures together.

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