2023: A Year in Review

2023 was a year for the books–really, our books reflected that it was our best year yet. After being in business for a decade and some change, we have come to recognize that there is so much more than the bottom line that matters. 

It is all about the people who help you get there. 

As we reflect on 2023, there were many numbers we were proud of, but we were most overjoyed by the three new members who joined our team, each bringing fresh perspectives and skills to our dynamic group–Trishna, Jon, and Amber, we are so glad you are part of COR3!

Here are some other metrics that made 2023 so memorable: 

Project Success: We proudly completed 124 projects, marking a significant impact in the architectural landscape.

Expanding Our Footprint: An impressive 1,800,000 square feet of building designed by our team showcases our commitment to innovative and expansive architectural solutions.

Deepening our Expertise: We grew our team of registered architects when Khris Kirk formally passed her exams to become a Project Architect. 

New Location: We opened one new office in our beautiful location in downtown Greenville, which features local artists and a reflection of our mid-century modern aesthetic. 

Sweet Indulgences: Our team’s love for Yasso Black Raspberry Chip bars was undeniable, with a count too high to keep track of! (It’s Greek yogurt, so it’s healthy, right?)

Rusty’s Adventures: Rusty, our beloved office mascot, happily went through at least 10 chew toys, bringing joy and a bit of mischief to our workspace.

Coffee Connoisseurs: Fuelling our creativity, we ordered around 40 bags of custom blended COR3 West End coffee, a true testament to our love for a good brew.

Culture and Community: Our weekly happy hours kept spirits high and team bonding strong. Additionally, we participated in 8 service projects and community outreach efforts, emphasizing our commitment to giving back.

Thought Leadership: We published 57 blogs and project updates on our website, sharing inspiration, industry news, and general interest stories on our platform.

Socially Driven: We shared 315 social media posts across all of our channels, bringing community and engagement to our virtual world. 

2023 was a year of growth, fun, and community at COR3. Here’s to another year of architectural innovation and team camaraderie!

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