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Storage’s Shining Moment

The pandemic created many winners and losers in the ebbing economic tide, but one key winner that has remained consistent is warehouse storage. The reason behind its growth is fairly obvious, particularly in the cold storage set. The pandemic brought a dramatic surge of online grocery shopping, thereby necessitating the need for more literal space.

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The Master Planner

We’ve designed a wide array of buildings, from disaster preparedness training centers to shopping centers. However, it is a lesser known fact that principal and founder Brian Doiron has a penchant for master planning. He has a passion for designing much more than buildings–designing true communities. Brian has a knack and love for the complex details of land use, long term planning for housing, transportation, civic engagement, and amenities. “Putting it all together is like a beautiful, complex puzzle,” Brian says. “The flow…the aesthetics…blending with the necessary practicality…it’s all a joy for me.”

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